Selling products

The company has developed and manufactured hydrophobic precipitated silica , fumed silica and Titanium oxide , with quality comparable to international famous brands, we strive to be the one with most product series and best quality in China.

Series product


Polydimethylsiloxane surface modification


Octamethyl cyclotetrasiloxane surface modification


HMDS surface modification


Dimethylchlorosilane surface modification

and other hydrophobic products under silane treatment.

Product information


  • ● with good performance in thickening efficiency and thixotropy property in adhesive and silane such as epoxy resin, complicated polar liquid such as ethoxyline resin, polyurethane and vinyl ester resin;
  • ● working as thickening agent and thixotropic agent in cable gel;
  • ● working as anti-setting agent;
  • ● improving the storage stability.

Applicable to

  • ● vinyl resin,
  • ● adhesive,
  • ● sealant,
  • ● painting,
  • ● carbon dust
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